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Junior Research Group "Sexualities, Political Orders and Revolutions in Africa" – Dr. Serawit B. Debele

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Samah Khalaf Allah square Samah Khalaf Allah
Samah Khalaf Allah square


Samah Khalaf Allah is a prominent Sudanese human rights advocate, feminist, and SRHR advocate.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Management from Ahfad University for Women 2013- Omdurman, Sudan, and a Master’s degree in Gender, Development, and Peace from the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity Peace and Rights 2020- Omdurman, Sudan, currently she’s part of the Junior Research Group at Africa multiple Cluster of Excellence as a Doctoral Researcher working on Political Transformation and Sexualities. her Ph.D. thesis title is “Towards a history of Queer and Feminists “movements” in Sudan”. Samah worked for several civil society organizations that focused on gender justice, SRHR issues, and the inclusion of minority groups. She participated actively in the Sudanese revolution of 2018-2019, taking part in demonstrations and marches, giving lectures about Gender justice and inclusion at the sit-in area, and engaging with grassroots change agents, by observing the power dynamics of the heteronormative - heteropatriarchal Sudanese society and the gaps/conflicts that exist within the feminist movement she is posing challenging questions through her Ph.D. project as it is going to be one of the pioneering works done on deep analysis and documentation of the feminist movement in Sudan It is also one of the few that rigorously looks at the history of feminist struggles in the country. Hence, it makes an invaluable contribution to both Sudanese and African Studies. 

Samah Khalaf Allah square


  • Political Transformation
  • Sexualities
Samah Khalaf Allah square

Samah Khalaf Allah
Doctoral Researcher

E-Mail: samah.khalafallah@uni-bayreuth.de

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr. Serawit B. Debele

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